Tennessee Dogwood in Spring

Tennessee Dogwood in Spring



Town homes and Craftsman-style homes! That is the newest wave in Nashville TN real estate on the west side.  For a long, long time, Vanderbilt University, and Belmont University employees, teachers and students have needed a great place to live near their university.  Downtown workers have also been eager to see some affordable new life in the Nashville Tennessee real estate market.  Now, three Nashvillians, raised on the west side, are investing in their neighborhoods by turning industrial land into a 28-townhome community called EastOak Groves.


These homes launched at 46th and Michigan Avenues because of revitalization efforts along Charlotte Avenue.  The great popularity of nearby Sylvan Park helped.  The developers and investors are targeting young professionals who want the fabulous close proximity to either the universities or downtown at an affordable price.


These cottage-style, three-bedroom town homes priced at about $210,000 fit the bill.  They have energy efficient windows, fabulous appliances and beautiful curb appeal double porches.  


Across Charlotte in Sylvan Park, there is another project called West End Station, with craftsman-style homes with square footages ranging from 1300 to 1700 ft.  These are priced slightly higher at $249K to $310, but still well within the best price for the area.  This 46 home community has already sold 17 if the 22 homes in the first phase.


Buyers in this great area on the west side of the Nashville real estate market place get good architecture, a good location and a walkable neighborhood.  It’s a Generation Y hip place to live!

Tennessee Spring Flowers

Tennessee Spring Flowers

I am asking THE question today of all the potential buyers of Tennessee real estate out there.   What information do you want?  Or, what do you need to know, before you purchase a home? Are you looking for more stability in the Tennessee new home builders market place? Do you think interest rates are going lower? Are you wanting to know more about the $8000 tax break? Are you searching for that “deal” that you might not otherwise get unless you have a really savvy Realtor?

If your hesitation is any of the above, now is the time to purchase. Reports are now out that our middle TN real estate market has begun to come back. We are up 32% in sales in the first part of 2009 compared to our performance last year. We have RECORD low interest rates! There is the $8000 tax rebate, which never has to be paid back if you follow the rules. And theTennessee new home builders and the sellers are cutting “DEALS” like we have never seen before!

So, if you are a buyer, please go to our web site, www.tentaraproperties.com and fill in the form so you can get listings automatically or call any one of our agents to find the most savvy Realtor in Middle Tennessee real estate sales.  We will help you negotiate your purchase.  Even Dave Ramsey says Tennessee real estate is “on sale”. Let us help you make it happen!

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to jump in and purchase that home. RIGHT NOW, GO TO THE AWARD- WINNING WEB SITE: www.tentaraproperties.com and take a look at the slide show of our gorgeous area. Read our blogs. Look at all the tools we have for your convenience, and learn all the real estate ins and outs. Then, give us a call. We are waiting to hear from you!



The healthy Tennessee real estate market of Williamson County has NO DOOM AND GLOOM.  Williamson County real estate brokers and agents are seeing numbers that support a 32% increase for the first two months of 2009.  There is some good news!


One of the most amazing facts is that home values remain consistent in this local Tennessee real estate marketplace.  We can all remember 2006, when Franklin TN new homes builders and Brentwood TN new homes builders had a banner year in sales.  That year the median price of a home in Williamson County was about $362K.  Right now, for the first two months of 2009, we are seeing verifiable numbers to support that the median price for homes is about $375K.


All Williamson County Realtors are hoping the $8000 tax credit, along with the lowest interest rates in over 50 years, will translate to a busy spring buying season.  Williamson County numbers seem to be saying that doom and gloom is over!


So what are buyers and sellers thinking and doing in this place and time?  Buyers are looking for “deals”.  Sellers are willing to drop prices a bit rather than paint a room, or change out a carpet.  Buyers are more concerned with that good deal, than with fresh paint.  You might say this is a market that is easier on the seller.  Just drop the price a bit, and some of the other things you might have done a few years ago will not matter that much this year. That is not to say sellers should neglect the property, but buyers are more concerned with price than anything else right now.  Seller should keep the house in pristine condition and also be ready to compete with other aggressive sellers.  Sellers need to know that most all buyers are looking for deals, deals, deals.


Buyers should get qualified to purchase.  In this time of more conservative lending, we are seeing more and more buyers go to the bank first, and get that letter of approval before looking at property or making an offer.  This gives the seller confidence that the buyer is serious and worthy of his consideration and the buyer is in a much better position to negotiate the price.


Williamson County buyers and sellers are going to have a busy spring.

Buyers, read this good news!

If you are looking for Tennessee real estate, you should jump into the mix right now!!! The Fed has lowered the interest rates to 4.85 % ,  the lowest rate we have seen in many, many years.   So, what are you waiting for?

I know there are some concerns about jobs, and if you are in that category, I see the reason for your delay. But if you are in a good job, have good credit, and some money saved back for your down payment, you are in the best possible place for investing in Tennessee real estate.   Tennessee new home builders are seeing a 5% upswing in their starts for the month of February.  This means that those low prices may soon be a thing of the past, so JUMP IN!

Remember the tax advantage? If you are a first time home buyer, or have not purchased in three years, you are in line for the $8000 tax rebate as well! There are a few standards to meet, but check it out! (see my blog of a few weeks ago at www.tentaraproperties.com and read for yourself).

Investors, if you are ready and want to buy and invest that money, do so in the Tennessee real estate market!! We are a HEALTHY market place. (Again, read the blog on my web site: www.tentaraproperties.com ). No one investing in Tennessee real estate will ever be in a better place than they are now!

Most of you know, it has been a buyer’s market for some time, and it still is! Believe me, I have some sellers in the market place, and they are taking a hit on home  sale.  So buyers, you are scoring like never before. You are buying at such low prices, that most of us believe will make you a very good profit in a few years.

Given the criteria above, go for it and put your money in the best place right now—the Tennessee Real Estate market.

DID YOU KNOW? Some real estate markets have out performed others and the Nashville TN real estate market is one of them.

Even with most economy gurus and builders expecting a decline in the national real estate market this year, there are healthy building real estate markets in our great country. Almost everyone’s real estate market went down last year, but a close look at some of the numbers tells us some GOOD NEWS. The Nashville real estate market out performed most other growing markets around the nation!

The housing market is going to make a recovery! This is one of the good news stories! When this recovery happens, the Nashville Tennessee real estate market will be in the top fifteen markets leading the parade, number 11 to be more precise. The bad news stories and markets, where the foreclosures are still pounding new home values and sales, will be another story next week. But the healthiest markets have seen a light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

What do these markets have in common? Most of the markets are simply great places to live. Just look at the pictures and communities on the Tentara Properties web site. Further, most of these markets did not have a huge run-up in their prices during the boom, the Nashville Tennessee real estate market included. Therefore, they are not having that rampant and drastic deflation of their markets. Go to http://www.tentaraproperties.com/ and explore our great city. You will find the beauty of the city revealed in pictures and you will see a wealth of information about our city government, out universities and our very special entertainment industry.

Nashville, the 20th largest home building market in the nation, actually functioned under the radar of the national housing boom. Some of the market’s resilience comes from the above-average population growth of approximately 2.3 percent a year. Also, it is an affordable housing market, and has a growing job base. Yes, a growing job base and a population growth unlike most American cities. Seventy percent of the residential construction is single-family. This city has a better current performance in all these areas than most major markets.

This news for the Nashville TN real estate market comes after analyzing 75 housing markets in the country. Nashville has been able to hold the line on home values. Their rate of building permits, the single best ongoing indicator of builder confidence, is healthy. The job growth and population growth remains high and the tax base is fabulous. No state income tax! The New Year will bring good things to Nashville Tennessee and their real estate industry. Congratulations Nashville Tennessee!

Investors and all other buyers one and all, what are you waiting for? This is the time to buy in a good, healthy real estate market.

Moving to Brentwood Tennessee?  Moving to Franklin Tennessee?

If you are planning to buy either Brentwood Tennessee real estate of if you prefer to buy Franklin Tennessee real estate, NOW IS THE TIME.  You will get a lot of luxury for a lot less money today!

The recession has made builders in both these lovely areas drop the prices of their luxury homes by as much as $125,000.00.  Some of the most prestigious addresses are seeing prices fall.  Banks are encouraging builders to drop the prices and builders are obliging. 

Who wins in this situation?  Right now it is a buyers market for sure.  Beautiful homes in many of the Brentwood Tennessee real estate developments and in the Thompson Station Tennessee real estate developments are far less expensive than in the past.  Buyers are able to afford luxury for less!

Hurstbourne Park in Franklin Tennessee and Bridgemore Village in Thompson Station, just south of Franklin Tennessee, have sold homes for more than one hundred thousand dollars less then they were originally priced.  Other high-end subdivisions and communities are following suit.  Many of the builders simply do not have a choice.  These homes are in the “overbuilt” category, so buyers get your running shoes on and get out there!

The phrase… Yes, you can buy, is truer than ever before in these lovely areas.  Yes, you can buy!  So, buyers what are you waiting for?  Yes, you can buy!  Interest rates are down; sellers are helping with closing costs!  It is worth repeating again and again.  Yes, you can buy, so get out there and buy that luxury home you have always wanted, for far less money than every before, rent the old house out, and enjoy your new home!

Williamson County Tennessee real estate home buying means your children go to the best schools in the state of Tennessee!

Did you know that most people buy Williamson county real estate because of the superior ratings of the schools? Williamson County Tennessee real estate has always been sought after for its school ratings! Now, if you move to Fairview Tennessee, your high school age children will be going to a school that has the trimester system. This unconventional schedule seems to fit beautifully with Fairview students. This system conducts classes in three 12-week periods. Students take five 70-minute classes instead of the more traditional idea of up to eight 45-minute classes.

Amazingly, the graduation rate has jumped to 96% from the low of 85% before the change to trimesters. Prior to the change, Fairview had been placed on the state’s high priority list, meaning the state could intervene and take the school.

With the trimester system in place, the students say there is more time to cover more material. A good thing! They also say they like the college-style schedule which gives them more freedom on their campus. Some students say there is a lot less stress and to be sure, fewer classmates drop out of school.

Hats off to a principal, who lobbied the school board to try something innovative and new. He took a risk to try the unique schedule. But success is sweet! He says the school will continue with the schedule for two more years, thanks to a positive vote by the now convinced school board.

Though none of the area schools has followed this program, there is at least one California school that switched to the trimester schedule in 1998. At that school, the SAT and ACT scores went up, so that students were better prepared for college. Now other states are trying the schedule.

Again, congratulations to the Fairview High School principal!

Winter in TennesseeThis is a good time to invest in Franklin Tennessee real estate or Brentwood Tennessee real estateFranklin TN home builders are jumping at the chance to sell you a house anyway, and there is a good reason to go for it.

Most all of us know by now that Congress passed a HUGE spending package this week.  The so-called stimulus plan is mostly a spending plan, but that’s another story.  What did happen for either first time home buyers, or buyers who have not bought residential homes in the past three years, is this:

If you buy a single family residence, a condo, co-op, or townhouse that will be used as your principal residence, you get an $8000 tax credit.  INVESTMENT PROPERTIES DO NOT APPLY.

This money is refundable, which means you can reduce or eliminate your income tax liability up to the $8000 limit for the year of purchase.  Individuals with adjusted gross income of not more than $75,000 or $150,000 on a joint return are eligible.  Homebuyers who use state revenue bond financing in Tennessee that would be the THDA, qualify under the new, $8,000 credit.  The $8,000 is a true credit and does not have to be repaid.  UNLESS:  you sell the house and claim credit during the 3 years following the purchase.  In this case, all the money has to be paid back.

Interest rates are down, prices of homes in the   Franklin TN real estate market are better than they have been in years, so what are you waiting for??? Look below and see how beautiful Tennessee is in the wintertime.  Get out there and buy!

Itshak Perlman with Carol and Les Stallings

Itshak Perlman with Carol and Les Stallings

You have all heard of Itzhak Perlman, the world renowned violinist, the undisputed first virtuoso of the violin!  He was here on Valentines Day and performed at Schermerhorn Symphony Center to a packed house!

One Realtor, who sells mostly Franklin Tennessee real estate,  was even more excited about Perlman’s concert and performance than others.  As a surprise gift, her husband, Les, arranged that they have their picture made with this world renowned and celebrated concert violinist.  Itzhak Perlman posed with them after the concert.   What a Valentine’s Day to remember!

This is just one of the advantages of living in either the Brentwood TN real estate market, or the Franklin Tennessee real estate area these days.  You are only minutes away from the world class performances that come to the Nashville Tennessee Schermerhorn Symphony Concert Hall.

If you want to invest in your own Nashville Tennessee real estate, come one, come all!  Find out for yourself how much fun it is to live here.  You can live in the rural countryside when you buy Franklin Tennessee real estate, or have a gorgeous Tennessee golf home.  There are plenty of luxury and estate homes to choose from.  Come build your dream home. Tennessee Luxury Home Builders homes are the best in the South.

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