6th Mar, 2009

More Luxury For Less in Tennessee

Moving to Brentwood Tennessee?  Moving to Franklin Tennessee?

If you are planning to buy either Brentwood Tennessee real estate of if you prefer to buy Franklin Tennessee real estate, NOW IS THE TIME.  You will get a lot of luxury for a lot less money today!

The recession has made builders in both these lovely areas drop the prices of their luxury homes by as much as $125,000.00.  Some of the most prestigious addresses are seeing prices fall.  Banks are encouraging builders to drop the prices and builders are obliging. 

Who wins in this situation?  Right now it is a buyers market for sure.  Beautiful homes in many of the Brentwood Tennessee real estate developments and in the Thompson Station Tennessee real estate developments are far less expensive than in the past.  Buyers are able to afford luxury for less!

Hurstbourne Park in Franklin Tennessee and Bridgemore Village in Thompson Station, just south of Franklin Tennessee, have sold homes for more than one hundred thousand dollars less then they were originally priced.  Other high-end subdivisions and communities are following suit.  Many of the builders simply do not have a choice.  These homes are in the “overbuilt” category, so buyers get your running shoes on and get out there!

The phrase… Yes, you can buy, is truer than ever before in these lovely areas.  Yes, you can buy!  So, buyers what are you waiting for?  Yes, you can buy!  Interest rates are down; sellers are helping with closing costs!  It is worth repeating again and again.  Yes, you can buy, so get out there and buy that luxury home you have always wanted, for far less money than every before, rent the old house out, and enjoy your new home!

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