6th Mar, 2009

Williamson County School Goes TRIMESTER and Improves!

Williamson County Tennessee real estate home buying means your children go to the best schools in the state of Tennessee!

Did you know that most people buy Williamson county real estate because of the superior ratings of the schools? Williamson County Tennessee real estate has always been sought after for its school ratings! Now, if you move to Fairview Tennessee, your high school age children will be going to a school that has the trimester system. This unconventional schedule seems to fit beautifully with Fairview students. This system conducts classes in three 12-week periods. Students take five 70-minute classes instead of the more traditional idea of up to eight 45-minute classes.

Amazingly, the graduation rate has jumped to 96% from the low of 85% before the change to trimesters. Prior to the change, Fairview had been placed on the state’s high priority list, meaning the state could intervene and take the school.

With the trimester system in place, the students say there is more time to cover more material. A good thing! They also say they like the college-style schedule which gives them more freedom on their campus. Some students say there is a lot less stress and to be sure, fewer classmates drop out of school.

Hats off to a principal, who lobbied the school board to try something innovative and new. He took a risk to try the unique schedule. But success is sweet! He says the school will continue with the schedule for two more years, thanks to a positive vote by the now convinced school board.

Though none of the area schools has followed this program, there is at least one California school that switched to the trimester schedule in 1998. At that school, the SAT and ACT scores went up, so that students were better prepared for college. Now other states are trying the schedule.

Again, congratulations to the Fairview High School principal!

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