17th Mar, 2009

Nashville Tennessee 11th Healthiest Housing Market in the Nation

DID YOU KNOW? Some real estate markets have out performed others and the Nashville TN real estate market is one of them.

Even with most economy gurus and builders expecting a decline in the national real estate market this year, there are healthy building real estate markets in our great country. Almost everyone’s real estate market went down last year, but a close look at some of the numbers tells us some GOOD NEWS. The Nashville real estate market out performed most other growing markets around the nation!

The housing market is going to make a recovery! This is one of the good news stories! When this recovery happens, the Nashville Tennessee real estate market will be in the top fifteen markets leading the parade, number 11 to be more precise. The bad news stories and markets, where the foreclosures are still pounding new home values and sales, will be another story next week. But the healthiest markets have seen a light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

What do these markets have in common? Most of the markets are simply great places to live. Just look at the pictures and communities on the Tentara Properties web site. Further, most of these markets did not have a huge run-up in their prices during the boom, the Nashville Tennessee real estate market included. Therefore, they are not having that rampant and drastic deflation of their markets. Go to http://www.tentaraproperties.com/ and explore our great city. You will find the beauty of the city revealed in pictures and you will see a wealth of information about our city government, out universities and our very special entertainment industry.

Nashville, the 20th largest home building market in the nation, actually functioned under the radar of the national housing boom. Some of the market’s resilience comes from the above-average population growth of approximately 2.3 percent a year. Also, it is an affordable housing market, and has a growing job base. Yes, a growing job base and a population growth unlike most American cities. Seventy percent of the residential construction is single-family. This city has a better current performance in all these areas than most major markets.

This news for the Nashville TN real estate market comes after analyzing 75 housing markets in the country. Nashville has been able to hold the line on home values. Their rate of building permits, the single best ongoing indicator of builder confidence, is healthy. The job growth and population growth remains high and the tax base is fabulous. No state income tax! The New Year will bring good things to Nashville Tennessee and their real estate industry. Congratulations Nashville Tennessee!

Investors and all other buyers one and all, what are you waiting for? This is the time to buy in a good, healthy real estate market.

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