31st Mar, 2009

Interest Rates At Lowest in 38 Years. Buyers Jump In!

Buyers, read this good news!

If you are looking for Tennessee real estate, you should jump into the mix right now!!! The Fed has lowered the interest rates to 4.85 % ,  the lowest rate we have seen in many, many years.   So, what are you waiting for?

I know there are some concerns about jobs, and if you are in that category, I see the reason for your delay. But if you are in a good job, have good credit, and some money saved back for your down payment, you are in the best possible place for investing in Tennessee real estate.   Tennessee new home builders are seeing a 5% upswing in their starts for the month of February.  This means that those low prices may soon be a thing of the past, so JUMP IN!

Remember the tax advantage? If you are a first time home buyer, or have not purchased in three years, you are in line for the $8000 tax rebate as well! There are a few standards to meet, but check it out! (see my blog of a few weeks ago at www.tentaraproperties.com and read for yourself).

Investors, if you are ready and want to buy and invest that money, do so in the Tennessee real estate market!! We are a HEALTHY market place. (Again, read the blog on my web site: www.tentaraproperties.com ). No one investing in Tennessee real estate will ever be in a better place than they are now!

Most of you know, it has been a buyer’s market for some time, and it still is! Believe me, I have some sellers in the market place, and they are taking a hit on home  sale.  So buyers, you are scoring like never before. You are buying at such low prices, that most of us believe will make you a very good profit in a few years.

Given the criteria above, go for it and put your money in the best place right now—the Tennessee Real Estate market.

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