1st Apr, 2009

Williamson County TN Real Estate Sales Up 32% In 2009



The healthy Tennessee real estate market of Williamson County has NO DOOM AND GLOOM.  Williamson County real estate brokers and agents are seeing numbers that support a 32% increase for the first two months of 2009.  There is some good news!


One of the most amazing facts is that home values remain consistent in this local Tennessee real estate marketplace.  We can all remember 2006, when Franklin TN new homes builders and Brentwood TN new homes builders had a banner year in sales.  That year the median price of a home in Williamson County was about $362K.  Right now, for the first two months of 2009, we are seeing verifiable numbers to support that the median price for homes is about $375K.


All Williamson County Realtors are hoping the $8000 tax credit, along with the lowest interest rates in over 50 years, will translate to a busy spring buying season.  Williamson County numbers seem to be saying that doom and gloom is over!


So what are buyers and sellers thinking and doing in this place and time?  Buyers are looking for “deals”.  Sellers are willing to drop prices a bit rather than paint a room, or change out a carpet.  Buyers are more concerned with that good deal, than with fresh paint.  You might say this is a market that is easier on the seller.  Just drop the price a bit, and some of the other things you might have done a few years ago will not matter that much this year. That is not to say sellers should neglect the property, but buyers are more concerned with price than anything else right now.  Seller should keep the house in pristine condition and also be ready to compete with other aggressive sellers.  Sellers need to know that most all buyers are looking for deals, deals, deals.


Buyers should get qualified to purchase.  In this time of more conservative lending, we are seeing more and more buyers go to the bank first, and get that letter of approval before looking at property or making an offer.  This gives the seller confidence that the buyer is serious and worthy of his consideration and the buyer is in a much better position to negotiate the price.


Williamson County buyers and sellers are going to have a busy spring.

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