9th Apr, 2009

What Do Buyers Want In The Present Tennessee Marketplace?

Tennessee Spring Flowers

Tennessee Spring Flowers

I am asking THE question today of all the potential buyers of Tennessee real estate out there.   What information do you want?  Or, what do you need to know, before you purchase a home? Are you looking for more stability in the Tennessee new home builders market place? Do you think interest rates are going lower? Are you wanting to know more about the $8000 tax break? Are you searching for that “deal” that you might not otherwise get unless you have a really savvy Realtor?

If your hesitation is any of the above, now is the time to purchase. Reports are now out that our middle TN real estate market has begun to come back. We are up 32% in sales in the first part of 2009 compared to our performance last year. We have RECORD low interest rates! There is the $8000 tax rebate, which never has to be paid back if you follow the rules. And theTennessee new home builders and the sellers are cutting “DEALS” like we have never seen before!

So, if you are a buyer, please go to our web site, www.tentaraproperties.com and fill in the form so you can get listings automatically or call any one of our agents to find the most savvy Realtor in Middle Tennessee real estate sales.  We will help you negotiate your purchase.  Even Dave Ramsey says Tennessee real estate is “on sale”. Let us help you make it happen!

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to jump in and purchase that home. RIGHT NOW, GO TO THE AWARD- WINNING WEB SITE: www.tentaraproperties.com and take a look at the slide show of our gorgeous area. Read our blogs. Look at all the tools we have for your convenience, and learn all the real estate ins and outs. Then, give us a call. We are waiting to hear from you!

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